Matt DiFrancesca, MD

Emergency Medicine in Durango, CO

Fellowship-trained physician Matt DiFrancesca, M.D., specializes in emergency medicine and provides a combination of evidence-based Western and holistic medicine to patients throughout Durango, Colorado, at Elevated Medicine.

Dr. DiFrancesca spent years as a wilderness guide throughout the mountains and rivers of the West before choosing to attend medical school to pursue his interest in wilderness medicine and emergency medicine. He obtained his medical degree from Albany Medical College and then completed his Emergency Medicine residency training at the University of Utah. Following residency, he did a fellowship in Emergency Medical Services/ Critical Care Air Medical Transport at the University of Utah. Since finishing their fellowship, he has been working in Emergency Medicine throughout the Four Corners Region.

While working in the emergency room, he experiences on a daily basis the devastating health effects of our modern society and the intense detrimental effects that stress, loss of sleep, anxiety, processed foods, and a sedentary lifestyle have on our health and longevity.

It became all too common to treat patients who are excited to finally retire and live out their “golden years” only to suffer heart attacks, strokes, and other chronic preventable conditions living out their final years shuffling from one doctor’s appointment to the next.

He quickly grew disillusioned with the current medical model of treating people after the diseased state had already begun, and he grew interested in early, individualized preventative medicine that focuses on the whole person and their genetic risk factors.

He believes that the future of medicine is here in the form of a combination of evidence-based Western and holistic medicine catered to each individual patient.

Dr. DiFrancesca has also formed a deep interest in countering our broken model of mental health treatment. Knowing that mental health is, in fact, physical health, Dr. DiFrancesca obtained certification and training through the Psychedelic Research and Training Institute (PRATI) in order to bring the promising evidence-based healing of ketamine and other alternative modalities to address anxiety, trauma, PTSD, depression, and addiction.​

Dr. DiFrancesca has two young children and strongly believes that the ultimate goal is to be healthy and active as long as possible into our senior years, and understands that it is never too late to optimize our health so that we can live long, fulfilling, meaningful lives, in true physical and mental health and balance. ​

When he is not working, Dr. DiFrancesca spends his time in the mountains and on the rivers with his wife and children. He spends as much time as possible trail running, doing yoga, riding his mountain bike, and on his skis.