Jon Vivolo, DO

Emergency Physician in Durango, CO

Fellowship-trained in precision medicine and musculoskeletal ultrasonography, Jon Vivolo, DO, is dedicated to providing care that promotes the natural healing abilities of his patients. He is proud to bring his extensive experience to the community of Durango, Colorado, at Elevated Medicine.

Born and raised in Colorado, Dr. Vivolo spent most of his youth here in Durango. He earned his undergraduate degree in Health and Exercise Science at Colorado State University with a focus on Sports Medicine and Nutrition in addition to Biomedical Sciences. During his undergraduate years, he raced mountain bikes, winning the national championship and ultimately racing professionally.

After an injury, he followed his passion for human physiology, sports performance, and community health optimization and completed his medical school training in Denver, Colorado, at Rocky Vista University. In addition to his doctorate, he pursued an honors tract in rural and wilderness medicine prior to his emergency medicine residency training in Lexington, Kentucky.

Following residency, he finished a fellowship in ultrasonography at the University of Utah, focusing on ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia, musculoskeletal imaging, and transesophageal echocardiogram for ECMO cannulation. He went on to practice in Salt Lake City at Intermountain Medical Center and helped train residents prior to moving back home to Durango. Dr. Vivolo currently practices as an emergency physician and ultrasound director, treating tribal members.

Through his practice in the emergency room, he saw firsthand the limitations of our current medical system in offering preventative, individualized, holistic medicine, which inspired him to complete an additional fellowship in genomics-based precision medicine. ​

Dr. Vivolo has a passion for embracing our bodies’ amazing innate ability to heal if given the proper support and environment. He believes we can live healthier, happier, and higher quality lives by optimizing overall wellness and targeting disease prevention via Western medicine combined with a holistic, personalized approach. He offers an integrative and regenerative approach by providing a framework by which to educate, listen, and empower his patients by addressing the root cause of symptoms and disease.​

When Dr. Vivolo is not working, he is most likely adventuring in the mountains by foot, bike, or skis. He also enjoys carpentry, travel, and beekeeping as a hobby. He looks forward to assisting you in your specific goals towards achieving overall wellness.