Health Optimization in Durango, CO


Traditionally, medical treatments are tailored to the “average patient” in a one-size-fits-all-approach. We use an advanced, preventative approach that takes into account your individual genes, lifestyle, and environmental factors. We strive to target the right treatments to the right patients at the right time.

How it works

You’re in charge

Personal Goals: We identify your primary health goals and place you in the driver seat so we can focus on designing a comprehensive plan specific for you. Do you have a family member with early heart disease, stroke, osteoporosis, or dementia and wan’t to optimize prevention before it’s too late? Are you an athlete looking for the perfect nutrition to fuel your performance and recovery? Do you want to be able to pick up your grandchildren with ease as you age? Do you have underlying health problems and have been told everything looks “normal”? We strive to tailor your treatment plan based on your health goals.

Discuss what’s often left out

Deep dive into lifestyle factors: We take a unique, comprehensive, and personalized approach into evaluating your lifestyle. During our initial visit we will discuss important topics including but not limited too: sleep hygiene, stress, diet, meal timing, relationships, exercise, recovery, family history, current medications/supplements, surgical history, and spiritual practices. We want to get to know you and your current lifestyle as this will be impactful in addressing your goals and overall treatment plan.

Analyze what makes you unique

Genetic Analysis: You will have an option of various clinical grade genomic analysis that is simple, painless, and doesn’t involve a blood draw. We test for the most influential and well validated genetic factors that make up your human operating system, which include 700,000+ SNPs (single-nucleotide polymorphisms). These factors influence your absorption of nutrients, performance, sleep, recovery, tolerance of certain medications, and many other functions. Our goal is to identify your genetic advantages, disadvantages, and modifiable predispositions to elevate your health. Your information is kept completely confidential.

Evaluate where you currently stand

We offer competitive lab and imaging pricing to identify where you currently stand. This data combined with genomic testing allows us to get a comprehensive picture of how to best optimize your overall quality of life and healthspan. Some of the state-of-the-art testing in addition to routine labs offered includes:
Advanced lipid testing. This includes particle size and total low density particle concentration in the bloodstream, which is often left out, however it has significant impacts on cardiovascular and cognitive health.
DNA methylation. This is a critical process in your human operating system that influences gene expression, which ultimately impacts our athletic performance, recovery, mental health, longevity, and overall well being.
Overall inflammation. Inflammation plays a role in almost every chronic disease process and targeting the root cause is critical in both treatment and prevention.
Insulin sensitivity. In addition to evaluating fasting blood sugar and insulin levels we offer continuous glucose monitoring to easily track blood sugar spikes throughout the day to optimize or reduce your risk of insulin resistance which leads to diabetes.
Gut Health. A balanced gut microbiome not only facilitates efficient digestion and nutrient absorption but also plays a pivotal role in bolstering the immune system, regulating inflammation, and even influencing mood and mental health. Optimal gut health is linked to a reduced risk of chronic diseases and allergies, improved weight management, and enhanced energy levels.
Early Cancel Screening. Today, there are 5 recommended cancer screening tests. We use Galleri which helps screen for more cancers, including cancers that do not have recommended screening. Galleri is a multi-cancer detection test that looks for a signal shared by 50+ types of cancer with a single blood test. Learn more.
Cardiovascular Imaging. We use Cleerly, AI-powered technology that works with CCTA (coronary computed tomography angiography) to identify and define atherosclerosis earlier in order to provide personalized, life-saving treatment plans for all patients their care continuum. Learn more.
Hormones Evaluation. Hormones serve as vital messengers in the body, regulating numerous physiological functions, from metabolism to mood. Monitoring hormones provides essential insights into the body's intricate hormonal balance, enabling proactive healthcare and the optimization of both physical and mental health.

Generate your personalized health report

Once we receive your lab testing, genetic analysis, and have a solid understanding of your current lifestyle, we generate a comprehensive report that can be utilized as your personalized blueprint and roadmap to elevate your overall health and well-being.

What’s included?

Access to advanced ​labs and genetic testing including advanced analysis of lipids, inflammation, methylation, and more. Access to advanced diagnostics technology.

A comprehensive personalized blueprint with physician recommendations that can be used as a road map to achieving your optimal health and well-being (with a purchase of genetic test).

Nutrition, supplement, exercise, and recovery guidelines based on your genetic and lab data.

One-to-two hour visits with a precision medicine physician with the ability to offer prescriptions, referrals, care support, and more.

Innovative treatments that target the root of the problem and not the symptoms

How precision medicine can benefit you: ​

Longevity ​

you have one life. Here’s how our precision medicine physicians can help elevate your life to the fullest potential

We aim to provide the most advanced scientifically backed assessment and treatment options to address your goals. We work as a team to present the data in a simple, understandable fashion with a goal of shared medical decision making. This has proven to lay the groundwork for achieving treatment success and elevate your overall wellness.

Minimize Risks For Chronic Diseases

We use advanced approach options to identify your risks for chronic diseases, such as insulin resistance, which can lead to diabetes. By evaluating your genetics and certain SNP’s or modifiable risk factors we can assess your advantages/disadvantages that help guide best treatment options such as prescription therapy vs lifestyle modifications and supplements. ​

We deep dive into your current lifestyle factors that may impact cortisol levels and in turn lead to increased fasting blood sugar. Together we come up with a dietary plan that’s specific to you and your metabolism based on genetics. Exercise is pivotal in improving your blood sugar and overall metabolic health. We will provide a perfect plan for you based on your genetics. With repeat lab testing we assess/modify treatment effectiveness. ​

Different foods affect us differently. We use continuous glucose monitoring devices to help identify foods that create spikes in insulin. These devices have been shown to aid in maintaining a stable and steady blood sugar range. ​​

At Elevated, we are committed to identify cardiovascular risks early, which could lead to heart attack, stroke, peripheral vascular disease, dementia and more. American lipid guidelines are outdated. We use the most cutting edge data and lab testing to identify your risk based on fat particle sizes and other blood biomarkers. Based on your genetics, current lab studies, risk factors, and goals, a lipid lowering prescription medication may be warranted. Some people are predisposed to certain side effects such as muscle aches. Our goal is to minimize unwanted side effects and we can determine your risk based on genetic testing before initiating a therapy.

High blood pressure is also a significant contributor to cardiovascular disease. We use a multimodal approach to optimize your numbers opposed to simply writing a prescription and having you return in 6 months to reassess. Individuals who are determined to be at higher risk based on all of the information we gather may benefit from advanced imaging such as coronary angiogram or CT calcium score to assess current state of disease and reduce future risk.

Enhance Athletic Performance

Whether your goal is to perform at an elite level endurance athlete, build muscle mass, are a weekend warrior, or want to be able to pick up your grandchildren as you age with ease we can help. ​

Genetics influence your rate of recovery, the make-up of the fibers in your muscle tissue, the optimal fuel for peak performance, and numerous other factors. Based on your results we will tailor the optimal plan for you to achieve your goals. ​

Our precision medicine specialists are well versed in the appropriate ratio of strength training, zone 2 and high intensity endurance training for optimizing longevity.

Optimized Nutrition

Not all diets are one-size-fits-all. By evaluating your genetic, lifestyle factors, and current labs we can offer appropriate nutrition plans and supplements that are specific to you opposed to the traditional recommendations that are standardized to the general population.

Optimized Weight

Genetics influence multiple factors including hormones, metabolism, activity levels, food intake, all of which ultimately impact your weight. Environmental and lifestyle factors are also a significant contributor that often gets overlooked. Our physicians evaluate all of the most important variables individually, to come up with a personalized plan just for you. We strive to optimize your lean body mass as this is critical in enhancing your overall health and lifespan. Based on your current goals, treatment may include dietary recommendations, meal timing, exercise plans, macronutrient ranges, supplements, and pharmaceutical options.

Decrease Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a common ground for multifactorial diseases, including cardiovascular, metabolic, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer. This could be secondary to autoimmune processes, infectious processes, food allergies, environmental toxins, poor dental health, poor gut health, obesity, and stress. We test inflammatory biomarkers and look at genetic susceptibilities, taking a holistic approach in reducing overall inflammation and determining the root cause.

Balanced Hormones

Hormones are important chemical messengers that coordinate numerous important functions throughout your body. Hormone imbalance can lead to fatigue, weight gain/loss, hair loss, muscle weakness, poor bone health, stress, abdominal upset, cognitive delay and many other symptoms. Through genetic and lab testing we are able to evaluate your current hormonal status with a special attention towards thyroid testing and male/female sexual hormones.

Better Sleep

Sleep is absolutely vital for mental health, athletic performance, cardiovascular health, weight loss, recovery, hormonal function, cognitive function, and ultimately overall longevity. ​

Multiple genetic factors that we evaluate impact sleep quality. One example is your bodies ability to metabolize caffeine. We are able to determine if you are a slow or fast metabolizer of caffeine and therefore offer recommendations on timing of consumption. ​

We take a deep dive into lifestyle factors that may impact your sleep such as sleep hygiene, timing of meals, alcohol exposure to certain light, hormones, shift work, and much more. We also address potential substances or medication that may be harming your sleep quality.

Our precision medicine physicians are well versed in the actual components of sleep such as sleep latency, rem, and deep sleep. We are happy to review wearable data such as the Oura ring or whoop to optimize each component that allows you to wake up feeling well rested.

Increased Energy

Have you been feeling exhausted lately? Do you rely on caffeine or “energy” drinks to get you through the day? Are you struggling to stay focused? There could be numerous reasons for chronic fatigue from nutrient deficiencies to hormonal imbalances and everything in between. Whatever it is we can help you get to the root of the problem so you could feel full of life again.

Elevated Sense Of Well-being

Your overall spiritual, emotional, and mental health is directly linked to your physical well-being. This is something not traditionally covered, however plays a large impact in achieving your overall health goals. We discuss all of these in great detail and recommend techniques such as meditation, daily gratitude practice, breath work, and other modalities to enhance your sense of well-being.


Methylation is a process that involves accessing the genetic code in your DNA to turn genes on/off. These genes are critical in maintaining the cells, which collectively carry out unique roles in keeping your organs healthy. This process impacts almost every aspect of your overall health. Traditionally, this vital process is not assessed. Based on your genetic and lab testing we strive to optimize your methylation, and in turn overall longevity.

Medical Comparison Elevated Medicine Traditional
Physician Visit 60 mins 15-20 min
Bloodwork Comprehensive Basic
Genetic Analysis Yes No
Personalized Diet/Exercise Plan Yes No
Personalized Sleep Assessment Yes No
Nutrients Assessment & Supplement Plan Yes No
Personalized Weight Loss Program Yes No
Preventative Holistic Approach Yes Occasionally
Utilizing Biotechnology Yes No
Option Of Additional Testing: Yes No
Option For Advanced Imaging Based On Risk Factors Yes Yes
Capability To Prescribe Medications Yes Yes
Knowledge And Access To Longevity Yes No
Focused Medications Evaluations By Fellowship Trained Precision Medicine Physicians Yes No