About Us

About Elevated Medicine

Elevated Medicine is an innovative health care practice in Durango, Colorado, offering mental health care, integrative medicine, wellness care, and aesthetics services using personalized approaches driven by what makes every person unique. 

A group of esteemed medical professionals, including emergency physicians, an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse, and a critical care paramedic, founded the practice after years of working with patients who were faced with life-altering catastrophes.

In many cases, those medical crises were preventable, but the patient didn’t get the care they needed until it was too late. That experience led them to create a medical approach focusing on early recognition of chronic disease and other health threats alongside preventive care.

Elevated Medicine uses a whole-person multimodal approach that embraces the latest advances in science and biotechnology. The team’s mission is redefining the health care model by identifying and meeting the needs of every patient on a cellular level. 

This approach leads to natural healing from within the body, allows patients to thrive on a higher level, and promotes the best longevity. 

Patients get a personalized health report that helps them better understand the science behind their health problems. The team also provides a customized health blueprint with detailed recommendations for wellness and health optimization.

With a blend of lifestyle changes, pharmaceutical medication, supplements, customized nutrition plans, hormone optimization, and other approaches, patients can truly achieve elevated health and wellness.

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