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A truly innovative, personalized healthcare approach driven by what makes you unique, with treatment options tailored specifically to you.

Elevated Medicine is an innovative health care practice in Durango, CO, offering mental health care, integrative medicine, wellness care, and aesthetics services using personalized approaches driven by what makes every person unique. 

A group of esteemed medical professionals, including emergency physicians, an intensive care unit (ICU) nurse, and a critical care paramedic, founded the practice after years of working with patients who were faced with life-altering catastrophes. 

What is Elevated Medicine?

✔︎ Health Care

✔︎ Proactive

✔︎ Personalized

✔︎ Holistic

✔︎ Treating Root Cause

✔︎ Integrative

✔︎ Long Term Results

✔︎ Scientific Advances

✔︎ Patient Centered

✘ Sick Care

✘ Reactive

✘ Standardized

✘ Fragmented

✘ The Symptoms

✘ Segregative

✘ Quick Fixes

✘ Old Algorithms

✘ Insurance Dictated

How Elevated Medicine May Benefit You


Enhanced Athletic Performance


Optimized Nutrition


Optimized Weight


Decreased Inflammation


Enhanced Athletic Performance


Balanced Hormones


Better Sleep


Increased Energy


Elevated Sense Of Well-being



*Elevated Medicine is HIPAA compliant and does not sell or share your genetic information with anyone.

Featured Services

Ketamine IV Therapy

Ketamine offers rapid results in psychiatric care with tailored precision medicine solutions for unique needs. Personalized treatment with medical supervision brings fast relief and hope.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)

Enhance recovery with Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for rapid tissue regeneration. Seek advanced biologic treatments for optimal wellness.

Health Optimization

Advanced precision medicine techniques enhance health understanding and personal growth through evidence-informed strategies.

Ketamine for Anxiety

Feeling constantly worried or stressed isn’t normal. Specialized care for anxiety and phobias is available for all ages.

Ketamine for PTSD

Trauma’s psychological effects can be overwhelming. Seek support and guidance from mental health professionals experienced in trauma care.

Ketamine for Depression

If you are experiencing mild depression, major depressive disorder (MDD), or treatment-resistant depression (TRD), treatment can help.

PRF Fillers

Transform your skin and replace volume with PRF fillers – harnessing the power of your own blood for natural, rejuvenating results.

Hair Restoration

Experience cutting-edge treatments for hair loss that boost hair regrowth and confidence without invasive procedures.


Botox provide quick, safe anti-aging results using nonsurgical methods like neck lifts, jawline slimming, and lip flips.

Arthritis Management

Arthritis is a common cause of disability in the US. Over 100 types affect joints and organs. Seek integrative care for joint pain.

Mental Health

Mental health is vital for well-being, influencing quality of life. Find personalized support for a brighter future.

Hormone Optimization

Hormone imbalance can disrupt well-being. Explore specialized focus on hormone optimization based on a deep understanding of body balance.

Shockwave Therapy

Acoustic shockwave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that uses sound waves to promote healing and reduce pain in various medical conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries.


“Dr. Vivolo created a detailed “Personalized Health Report”, based on all the testing. He advised me on changes to make that will improve my health, fitness and longevity.

It has been easier to embrace making lifestyle changes, now that I understand the science behind how the specific changes affect my health. I believe with Elevated Medicine, Dr Vivolo has created a powerful model for promoting health and longevity by tailoring a plan specific to the individual.”
– Ned Overend

Ned Overend Testimonial
  • Highly accomplished American professional mountain bike athlete
  • 6x NORBA cross-country mountain bike national champion
  • 1st ever cross-country world champion
  • 2x Xterra Triathlon world champion
  • Inductee of International Mountain Bike Hall of Fame, US Bicycling Hall of Fame, Xterra Triathlon Hall of Fame

Community Heroes Discount

Local EMS, firefighters, healthcare providers, law enforcement, and teachers receive a 10% discount on all our services.
THANK YOU for serving our community!

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