James Woodard, CCP-C

Critical Care Paramedic/Firefighter in Durango, CO

James Woodard, CCP-C is a critical care paramedic and firefighter with over twenty years of experience as an EMS. His specialized experience in the field of critical care makes him an invaluable asset to the team at Elevated Medicine in Durango, Colorado.

James started as an EMT in Las Vegas, Nevada, worked his way up to become a paramedic, and eventually got certified in critical care. James worked as a flight paramedic for over eight years, transporting critically ill patients for a fixed-wing international air ambulance company.

In 2018, he started his new career as a firefighter, which has been his lifelong dream.

In 2020, he moved to Durango with his family. James continues working as a firefighter/paramedic for a local fire department, where his passion for serving smaller communities flourishes.

James’ unique experiences working with advanced biotechnology for a private clinic in Las Vegas, combined with emergency public services, make him a valuable asset to the Elevated Medicine team. James and his wife have two young children, two dogs and nine chickens.

In winter, James will be mountain snowboarding in his spare time. In summer, he loves to take his family camping.