Orthobiologics in Durango, CO

“Our goal is to preserve your healthspan and promptly get you back to the activities you’re passionate about using minimally invasive treatment modalities tailored specifically to you and your goals.”
– Dr. Vivolo

What are orthobiologics?

“Ortho” refers to muscles, tendons, bones, and joints that make up our musculoskeletal system.

“Biologics” refers to naturally derived substances that can be highly effective in assisting your bodies innate healing response.

At Elevated, we specialize in autologous Orthobiologics that are derived from your own body and precisely placed directly into areas of injury. ​

Treatment options:

Blood derived: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is strategically concentrated from your own blood to produce a powerful combination of growth factors or bioactive proteins in addition to stem cell markers vital for tissue repair. Since these are derived from your own blood, there is little to no risk for an allergic or immune reaction, and carry minimal side effects in general. These procedures can be performed in the office and are minimally invasive to enable a quick recovery. We carry a combination of PRP products that will be recommended based on your injury location, past medical history, current medications, and age. 

Alpha-2-Macroglobulin (A2M) is gaining recognition as a potential game-changer in the field of cartilage regeneration. This naturally occurring protein, found in our blood, possesses remarkable properties that can help mitigate the effects of osteoarthritis and promote cartilage repair. A2M works by binding to and neutralizing harmful enzymes responsible for cartilage breakdown. In osteoarthritis, enzymes like matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) play a key role in cartilage degradation. A2M acts as a shield, capturing and inactivating these enzymes, thereby slowing down the destructive processes in the joint. Furthermore, A2M has been investigated for its ability to stimulate the production of cartilage-building molecules like collagen and proteoglycans. This dual-action approach makes A2M a potential therapeutic option for individuals suffering from cartilage damage or osteoarthritis, offering the prospect of pain relief and improved joint function. A2M can be used with PRP for a synergistic effect.

Stem cell containing products: Bone Marrow Concentrate is processed to achieve the perfect mixture of viable platelets and growth factors derived from stem cells (hematopoietic, total nucleated, and mesenchymal), all which are crucial in active tissue repair and regeneration. Bone marrow cells are highly protected, redundant, and reside deep inside our bone cavities. Their preferential locations reflect the significant role these cells play in survival. We are able to transplant these cells from certain locations of your body to specific injury sites to optimize healing. 

How we're different


For optimal results, it is critical to place these products directly into the source of injury. Our board certified, ultrasound fellowship trained physician has years of experience in musculoskeletal ultrasound and ultrasound guided procedures.


Depending on your past medical history, type of injury, and age, certain blood or bone marrow derived products will be more advantageous in your road to recovery. We will provide you with specific options that contain the precise mixture of components that will be specifically tailored to each individual patient. ​


We have the most advanced, FDA approved, clinically researched technology to ensure the highest concentrations of growth factors, platelets, and other vital components to give you the best chance of full recovery.

Multimodal Approach

We understand the importance of targeting multiple treatment options to ensure you receive the most benefit with your treatments. We provide comprehensive before and after care that is easy to follow, which details certain stretches and exercises based on your specific injury. We also include kinesio taping to help provide rehabilitative  support. Options are available to have other adjunctive treatments such as acupuncture and massage. ​

Solid Communication

Having over 70 years combined in the healthcare setting we understand the importance of clear and timely communication with our patients. We are highly responsive and always happy to answer any questions that you may have before or after treatments. We are here for you and our main goal is to present the most recent data and provide the best options for you successful recovery. Likewise, our treatment options are not for everyone and we pride ourselves in honesty and transparency.